Q: How long does it take to be up and running from my account activation?

Excellent question and the honest answer is, “It depends on you.” Most Clients can activate a handful of products, add company info, configure a few other settings, and start creating quotes and orders within just 30 minutes. Others may take a few hours to set up. And should you have numerous sales staff, installers, office personnel, etc., it will take some extra time to configure their unique logins, user levels, and so forth. Also, the greater your product range of products/brands, the more time it will take to configure them properly.

We have a huge amount of training videos online to assist you and your team through this process, along with offering various onsite training packages to expedite the process.

“Just keeping it real.”

But, upon completion… You will find it couldn’t be any simpler once you’re on site, breezing through quotes and orders in no time at all and Closing More Deals!

You should allow approximately 8 weeks from the date we receive your complete product information and price list. This gives us time to build and setup new products and ranges in the system, whilst walking you through setting up your account and some initial training.

While we offer 2 hours of virtual training as part of your account, some businesses have larger teams or more complicated needs and require some extra help. We offer further virtual training packages or 1-day to 4-day onsite packages. If you want to organise one of these packages, please get in touch for a quote.

All technical support is included in your monthly subscription and is handled by our team virtually. Our Virtual team can help you through any issues, screen share directly to your system, and they also work closely with our development team to help ensure our systems operate smoothly.

Yes – Smartpad Pro is naturally intuitive, which means it’s easy to use even if you don’t have a knack for technology. We offer a huge range of training tutorials online that can take you through the simplest of tasks right through complete process flows. Our tech support team is also here to assist.

Absolutely. Set up a demo with us here. We will use a screen share to walk you through the system and how it works.

Sometimes we can even meet you in person, if it coincides with a time we’re travelling to your area. Send through a contact form and we will see what we can set up.

We’re excited to hear that. You can sign up by visiting our sign up. We will then be on touch with you to go through the details and help get you started.

Absolutely. While the software is fairly intuitive, it’s important that you clearly understand how to use it, so it can give you great results with your own business processes. We give you and your team 2 hours of virtual training, which is included as part of your subscription.