If I have multiple locations around the country or a franchise group how is this handled?

Smartpad Pro has multiple ways this can be handled. Firstly you can simply add other companies to your one dealer account which can each be individually branded, different quote templates and email signatures etc. This solution is good if you have a few other stores and want all orders, quotes and scheduling to be in the one account but separated by the different locations or brands.

Alternatively we have a “Master Console” which is used by large multi store companies, head office or head franchisor’s to link all the seperate dealer accounts to one management console. The master console allows you to view all orders and appointments from each store while being able to control pricing for each store if required and instantly access each attached dealers account. The master consoles can be set up with various levels ie county, state and country so the group of businesses can be managed at different levels with reporting and dashboard reports over the various console levels for high level management.