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We spend a huge amount of time responding to our clients needs through further development and integration of our software. This process can be done much faster than anyone else given the technology we chose to work with, the experience of the team, and the values of the company.

We have just finished a major development phase adding many more features and integrations to the Smartpad Pro System, thanks to a lot of feedback from clients it has been a huge success.

We are currently about to commence a back end development stage where we will be enhancing the framework and back end features and functions to enable us greater control and flexibility of the integrations we can offer our clients. We estimate this phase to take around 6 months to complete and cant wait to share this with our clients.

See below the current technology used in the Smartpad Pro System:

Gitlab CI/CD
PHP Laravel
React JS, jQuery
Redis Cache
MYSQL Database

Hosted with AWS

Smartpad Pro is 100% Cloud Based and completely Hosted with Amazon Web Services. We use the latest technology and high performance servers to ensure Smartpad Pro it always at its best. Set up adhering to Amazons "Best Practice Systems and Procedures" including Auto Scaling, Multi Region and Elastic Beanstalk to name a few.

Trusted Backups

We take backups extremely seriously and certainly don't take any chances when it comes to the most important pieces of information for your business. With Amazon Web Services we take transactional and daily backups to ensure your date is safe, on top of this we also take daily backups on a local server in South Australia.