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Manufacturers & Suppliers

We don’t just make processes easier for our retail clients;
we simplify the order process for our client's manufacturers as well.

FREE API integration for manufacturers, suppliers and vendors

Manufacturers and fabricators can integrate with Smartpad Pro, receiving orders directly from and updating due dates directly to the system.

To set this up, manufacturers and suppliers contact us and let us know what brands they provide. We give them an API key and access token to connect withSmartpadPro, and give them all the instructions they need to use it.

Manufacturers receive orders automatically

They can change the ETA or due date to update in their client’s Smartpad Pro account

Order send failures are logged and displayed so that the client can resolve the issue and ensure they get re-sent

 Manufacturers can create order acceptance rules, so that if there are issues like a cost price that does not match or if they don’t have enough of a product available, then the order will be rejected

 The rejection will notify the Smartpad Pro client so they can rectify and resend the order

Manufacturer and fabricator online ordering portal

Manufacturers and suppliers can setup their own portal to receive and manage orders from clients. They can set up an account with us, and we build out their product range and maintain it with them

They simply give their clients a log in to a restricted account which allows clients to produce and submit product orders.

The manufacturer then manages all these orders and updates suppliers of statuses, all from the one screen.


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