Maintenance Agreement

Last Update: April 24th 2019

1. General Terms and Acceptable forms of Communication for Support:

  1. Valid forms of communication for Support are E mail and Phone only.
  2. Our support e mail accounts have also been changed to provide better more responsive service. Previous accounts will not be monitored for support, please make sure you update your e mail details.
  3. Our support team will handle all forms of support and will escalate any issues as required.
  4. We can not provide any support for certain functions in the account including account settings, product settings, company settings unless we are dealing with an authorized user.

2. When is our Support Centre Open:

  1. Access to our software support centre is available between 9:00am to 5:00pm AEST – Monday to Friday. Our support centre consists of both programmers, product support and general tech support, not just help desk operators. Note – if you are a franchisee or a branch of a group – Smartpad Pro provides support to the group/head office and your support issues must go through them.
  2. Emergency Support is available outside these times, please e mail for this support. Please note emergency support is for “Critical System Failures” or the “System is Unavailable” it is not for any forms of general support or product support.

Product Updates, Changes or Support:

For all product and price updates, including help and support with pricing questions and queries please send these in writing to If you require phone support for products please phone +61861178277

  1. All Product updates, revisions or change requests must come through in writing via E mail and will not be accepted by text message or phone. Any changes or additions we make must be as per the supplier/manufacturers price list to ensure only the correct details are entered, we cannot enter, change or update any information without it being on the supplier/manufacturers price list or an e mail from the supplier/manufacturer.
  2. As standard we allow approximately 30 days from the point of receiving all correct supplier/manufacturer information to the point a price list is updated or created in Smartpad Pro. Depending on the teams workload, size and complexity of the price list or update needed this time can be anything from 24 hours to 45 days, we will advise in writing asap once any updates are completed. 

General Technical Support:

  1. Support to resolve errors that appear during program operation. Note – program errors can be caused by a variety of problems in the hardware, operating system and environment that the software is working in.  As the application program is at the highest level, a large number of times that the program reports an error – it is not caused by the program.  The program is simply the means of reporting the error.  Our maintenance covers free correction to any errors that are generated due to a program created problem only. 

For any technical support please e mail or Phone +61861178277

Initial Training and Set up:

  1. Included in the first months subscription is 2 hours of “Start up” Training to help make sure the account is set up correctly and a general run through is done to familiarise the user with the features. Smartpad Pro has built in tutorials, page descriptions and knowledge base that must be used to help the user navigate the system in an ongoing basis.
  2. Further virtual training can be arranged if required for individuals or a team. The costs will be $95 per hour x tax and will be conducted by our Support team on a per hour basis.
  3. Onsite training can be arranged and will be quoted for depending on the client’s requirements. Our current onsite training costs are $600 per day plus flights and accomodation. Based on historical costs accomodation is approximately $300 per night and flights are approximately $600 return, but we will provide a written quote prior.

3. Specific Exclusions: -

  1. Problems generated by the hardware, operating systems, network or environment. We will attempt to advise a cause so that you can address the problem with the appropriate supplier. We take no responsibility for hardware or network generated errors.
  2. Accounting or reconciliation assistance. Our maintenance support covers software support, which entails assistance with program operation, not assistance in relating the program to your accounting systems or queries of a general accounting nature.
  3. Modifications to entity setups, account or product settings, or setting up new entities and related changes.
  4. Program or documentation modifications or any changes to documentation as a result of program modifications.
  5. Training or re-training after the initial set up, we do not provide ongoing training for new staff or new stores this must be done inhouse by the user.
  6. Use of the Smartpad Pro other than up to your number of purchased licences.
  7. On-site support
  8. For Multi-Location or Franchise setups, we only deal with the head office support team – not locational staff directly.

Note: It is the user’s responsibility to provide a minimum of ADSL2 broadband access for support plus Team Viewer for virtual access.