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1 to 1000 Locations, Smartpad Has you Covered.


  • Rapidly launch new company locations within 1 hour including all products, settings and employees.
  • Master console allows for various layers of management Consoles.
  • Complete control of employee and company access.
  • White label system completely branded under your company name.
  • Complete CRM for the ultimate customer management system.

Complete Cloud Based System with Unparalleled Functionality.


  • 100% cloud-based, Work from any Android, Apple Tablet or any Macbook or PC anywhere any time.
  • Complete Business Management Software including contacts, appointments, quoting, ordering, Final Measure, Order Management and Installation. Everything in 1 system.
  • Integrates with Quickbooks, MYOB Essentials, MYOB Accountright and Xero accounting software.
  • Complete Reporting Suite with Employee only Dashboard report and budget tracking.
Master Console for Franchise &
Multi Store Locations

The Ultimate Tool for Master Franchisees or companies with 2 – 2000 locations. Have the ability to set up master consoles to control groups of stores or the entire lot and get full admin access to every single store through the Master Console. See over 20 different statistics by date range or comparison to know exactly how each store or groups of stores are performing along with many more features.

  • Master Scheduler for all sales, service and install appointments from one screen managing bookings for every connected store account.
  • Fully integrated with Google so any changes are made live in real time and instantly sync with your employees or contractors phones, tablets and computers.
  • Manage all jobs on the Master Workflow Manager from all connected store accounts, including the ability to filter by store. Any changes made here automatically reflect in each individual store account.
  • View Master reports for the group of stores or drill down to a specific store to get in-depth information.
  • Set up Master employees to control their access on the Master Console and also control their access in the individual store accounts.
  • Easily and rapidly launch new company locations within 1 hour including all products, settings and employees.
  • Export all reports and dashboard views with ease into PDF or Excel.
Master Console for Franchise & Multi Store Locations
Workflow Manager

Our comprehensive Workflow Manager provides your customer service department with an all-in-one business tool for managing jobs from start to finish. With comprehensive filtering and searching functions your staff are able to easily and quickly manage huge amounts of orders.

  • A simple easy to use complete jobs management dashboard. Manage all jobs by monitoring the colours of different buttons to know exactly whats happening with all your orders all of the time.
  • Build custom work flows to suit your business size and requirements to visually process clients through an order pipeline.
  • Easily manage each jobs status and progress with our advanced search filters. Only show whats needed, save each one for easy switching in between.
  • Book and manage Check measures with automatic status updates and measure sheets.
  • Generate product orders instantly for blinds, shutters, awnings, fabrics etc and your Workrooms, with complete order confirmation and document upload.
  • Use the completely Automated customer update system, customise the messages via SMS or E Mail and set the criteria so the system automatically updates your clients on their order status.
  • Complete product tracking with automatic status updates, receive goods and manage the orders with ease.
  • Job Status Manager allows time stamped status updates and follow up info.
  • Install Manager handles install scheduling & prints install worksheets.
  • E mail invoices instantly to your clients in a few clicks.
  • Monitor, track and add payments with ease, sending receipts to your clients instantly. While always knowing if clients have paid a low deposit, full deposit, no payment or paid in full just by looking at the button.
  • Send thank you e mails to your clients.
  • Know if each order is on track or not just by the colour of each button in the work flow. Its fast and easy with every feature you need.
Workflow Manager

Manage all your employees or contractors appointments from one place. Fully integrated with Google and has a built in Customer appointment reminder system. View and manage appointments from anywhere

  • Schedule all sales, service and installs from one screen.
  • Fully integrated with Google. Any changes are made live, in real time and instantly sync with your employees or contractors phones, tablets and computers.
  • Drag and drop feature to easily move jobs to different day, time or people.
  • Remind hundreds of clients about their appointments instantly with a single click of a button. Just choose the date range and click send.
  • Completely customisable appointment reminders that include the clients name, time, address and even a picture of the attending employee or contractor.
  • Allows Day and Week viewing; multiple jobs can be scheduled for the same time.
  • Allows multiple staff to be scheduled for same job as needed.
  • Color Key assigns color code to each employee for easy visual reference.
  • Manage unassigned quotes, measures and installations with ease and monitor job locations with Google Map integration.
  • Block time out with automatic repeats for different staff rosters, holidays or appointments.
  • Send jobs automatically to the “Jobs to Schedule” section and easily drag and drop to the calander to book. Easily see the clients locations and size of the job in 1 click.
  • Manage all unassigned jobs which are waiting to be assigned to specific staff.
  • Pre assign jobs to different installers or staff so they are automatically flagged into the jobs to schedule area.
Appointment Scheduling
Quotes and

PayPal       Stripe       Secure Pay       Eway  

This is the heart of the Smartpad Pro system and boasts being the best quoting system in world, with an easy user friendly experience. Price Curtains, Blinds, Shutters, Roller Shutters, Screens, Doors, Flooring and more. Don’t get left behind using manual systems or out dated technology, Smartpad Pro is the most comprehensive quoting system available with more tools and features than any other system.

  • Process payments via credit card directly through the software, while sending receipts instantly with the touch of a button.
  • Curtain and soft furnishing Specialists automatically calculating fabric quantities, fabric and workroom orders.
  • Create Quotes in Minutes with our easy to use quoting system, add unlimited amounts of windows an products with ease.
  • Automatically calculate prices with added options as you select them so nothings ever forgotten and not charged for.
  • Reps can only choose from the avaliable products ensuring nothing is ever sold out of spec.
  • Instantly Copy products to other windows from a single product to a group of products. The system automatically recalculates the price based on the different sizes.
  • Drag and drop products for sorting in any order.
  • Manually enter items not currently in the system like bed spreads, Upholstery or extra installation.
  • Use our comprehensive Curtain, Swag, Pelmet and Tieback tool to calculate fabric and making cost, which automatically generates workroom and fabric orders.
  • Ability to hide the sizes on the customers quote and order.
  • Easily toggle between products for comparison quotes or product comparison.
  • Send quotes and orders via e mail, print or export along with customised e mails and messages.
  • Apply any type of percent discount or price override per quote or per product with the ability to set maximum discounts per employee
  • Capture a picture of each window with our simple capture/save feature
  • Professional looking quotes and orders display your company logo
  • Quotes display a break down of all options and pricing per line item, with our inbuilt filters you can decide how your quote looks
  • Customers can sign directly on the tablet for their orders
  • Option to add install and check measure fees per product or as an overall price
Quotes and Payments
Contacts Manager

Manage your contacts with ease. Smartpad Pro’s Contact manager lets you Import your existing contacts and manage your database fast and effectively. New contacts are automatically added from all new quotes and appointment bookings.

  • Google automatic address makes sure you always have the correct information.
  • Mandatory fields and e mail confirmation to guarantee a high quality database
  • View all customer history from sales and quotes instantly and with ease
  • Integrated with Google Maps to view location of each contact
  • Assign employees to individual contacts
  • Record how clients found your business, then view our reports to see this over time
  • A 2 click process to instantly book appointments for any contact.
  • Create Sub Contacts and upload files directly to the clients card
Contacts Manager
Sales Ledger

The Sales Ledger is a great admin tool. See in real time your cost of sales and Gross Profit as both a Dollar value and a %, then drill down into each sale to see the actual cost of every single product and option vs the full price.

  • See each order placed in your systems sale price, tax, Cost of Goods % and $ Value and Profit in real time.
  • Drill down on each and every order to see the exact cost price of every product and option added vs the full price.
  • Export reports by any date range.
  • Change the employee assigned to each Job.
  • Permanently delete Jobs from the system.
  • Search date ranges to see the total performance of the company during that time.


Sales Ledger
Opportunity Pipeline

The Opportunity Pipeline is an incredible tool to manage outstanding leads, if the quote has been sent, if they have ordered, and the status of each lead. Know exactly where each member in the team is up to with all leads as the system logs all of the activity entered and follow up e mails sent. Even track if the client receives your e mails when they click on the e mail an how many times they click. The opportunity pipeline instantly improves conversion rates allowing your business to grow immediately.

  • Ability to verify that a quote or order was emailed to client including when the client clicked on the e mail and how often they clicked.
  • Ability to save notes with each quote for follow up tracking, set different statuses and report on each.
  • Send Follow up e mails with 2 clicks while attaching brochures or other documents. All follow up e mails are automatically saved and logged.
  • Sort and filter quotes by sales rep to view individual reps quotes in progress along with various other filters to help manage quotes.
  • Hide/remove old quotes no longer needed to be viewed
Opportunity Pipeline
Accounts Integration

Xero                      Quick Book                      MyOb

Smartpad Pro is Fully integrated with Xero, Quickbooks and Myob making the accounting process seamless and completely automated. Don’t waste time entering invoices and payments ever again.

  • Smartpad Pro Automatically creates invoices in your accounting system each time a quote is turned into an order.
  • Each time a payment is added against an order in Smartpad Pro its automatically added in your accounting system.
  • When using Xero multiple mapping scenarios are available to have the integration work on an overpayment system or standard Practice.
  • Various set up and account options are available once your account connection is complete in Smartpad Pro.
Accounts Integration
Manage Your

The Products Manager and Item Manager is where all manufacturer’s products and fabrics are listed, allowing for product discounts and markups to be applied. You have full control of the products and fabrics you want to allow your staff to sell or not by simply turning them on or off. Also set your ETA days so when that product or fabric is sold, the system automatically sets how many days it should take to come in for easy tracking.

  • All products and prices are maintained by Smartpad Pro as part of you monthly subscription.
  • Select and activate only the products and brands you want to allow staff to sell in your account
  • Set all manufacturers details including address, phone and e mail to automatically populate on your purchase orders.
  • Adjust prices on groups of products or individually at any point in time you want.
  • Adjust discounts whenever you earn better discounts from your suppliers
  • Manage all product pricing including Workrooms, fabrics, trims, accessories.
Manage Your Products
Measure &
Installation Tool

Bring your measure and installation team online and in sync with your business. Final Measures and Installation status input directly into the software while the fitter is onsite. Input the exact status of each product with notes and pictures to provide live feedback and reports immediately to the office.

  • Installers and measurers can view their entire schedule in advance on their own scheduler system showing the exact location of every appointment.
  • Block time for various rosters and availability to ensure appointments are booked only on the correct days.
  • View all measure sheets, collect payments and upload new measurements into the actual quote or onto an update measure sheet.
  • Choose between various statuses of each product to ensure all details are correctly recorded.
  • Upload pictures and files for every product.
  • View and print Installation picking sheets to make sure the correct goods are taken.
  • Select the installation status of each product with pictures and notes.
  • Each time someone uses the measure or installation function for a job a report is generated on the work flow manager indicating that a report is ready. Each report clearly outlines the status of each product for that job.
  • Also has the ability to provide general feedback to the office.
Measure & Installation Tool
Account Settings

Control your entire account from one location and have the ability to change settings and filters any time you need, its up to you! Control everything from all e mail templates, payment integration, account integration, how quotes and orders look and what information they show, scheduler messages and order sheets. Its so simple and fast.

  • Upload your company logo and company info to display on quotes and orders
  • Ability to control the look of your quotes and orders including hiding sizes, font style, showing or hiding brand names.
  • Manage all e mail templates for quotes, orders, sending receipts and e mails etc.
  • Set minimum deposit amounts, timezones, tier pricing and company e mail signatures
  • Control your payment gateway integration and credit card fees charged to the customer, along with your twilio account settings for your SMS appointment confirmation.
  • Set different views for your installation and measure sheets including how much detail you want
  • Control the information shown on your quotes and orders including sizes, brand names, showing discount, fonts text size and set e mail addresses for automatics cc on all quotes and orders sent.
  • Set default documents to be sent out with all quotes and orders eg. your terms and conditions to ensure clients always receive them.
  • Set your list for how customers found out about you to ensure staff choose from the correct list.
  • Control your E mail and SMS appointment reminders from what the client receives and the confirmation message.
  • Set Cover pages for your quotes that will automatically merge to the generated quote to create a booklet style look for the client.
  • Decide if you want to show the cost prices on your purchase orders or not and the e mail template sent to suppliers.
  • Pre-set installation rates, hidden surcharges, etc if necessary
Account Settings
Access and Send
Documents Anywhere

Bring your business into the Cloud and store all of your documents, spec sheets anything that your staff will require while out on the road online. Its at everyones fingertips 24/7. Store specific documents in clients files, against the client, in the quote, in the product file and in a general documents area.

  • Upload almost any file type for easy access anywhere, anytime.
  • Store customer specific documents in each clients contact card.
  • Store documents in each quote specific for that individual job like house plans or pictures, anything you might need.
  • Upload all documents for orders to keep on file or anything specific to that job.
  • Upload any documents you may want to send to your clients attached to any quote, order, receipt or invoice.
  • Set default documents that automatically get sent to your clients with every quote or order.
Access and Send Documents Anywhere
Business Reports

Access your business performance from anywhere in the world on any device. If your managing a single store to over 2000 locations everything is at your fingertips all the time. Reports can be run for any date range and exported into Excel or PDF including being viewed graphically and in raw detail form giving you an unparalleled depth of view into your organisation.

  • Staff can view their individual performance dashboard showing them their sales performance, what product types they are selling and much more. Once you set up their sales targets they can even track their individual performance to target on an easy to view graph and then drill down to see how they are tracking as a % to target each month.
  • Filter all reports by date range to get the exact information you need
  • View reports in bar graphs, pie charts and grid form, with the ability to export to PDF and Excel
  • Report on Reciepts and Payables
  • Report on sales by product type.
  • Report on sales by product type, and by sales person to know the exact products each individual person is selling
  • Report on sales stats per person showing, sales, leads, conversion and discount.
  • Report on Store sales Performance including sales, leads, conversion and discount.
  • Report on a sales list showing each persons itemised sales with itemised discount.
  • Report on lead and order statuses
  • Report on Dead leads and Lead sources
  • More reports and features being added all the time.
Business Reports and Personal Staff Reports
Manage Employees

Your Employee Manager gives you complete control over your employees account. Manage what they can access and what they can see in real time and add new employees fast as your business grows.

  • Add new staff easily
  • Manage staff discounts and set limits
  • Set employee access to all areas of the software to control what pages they can and cant view, along with what functions they can and cant perform.
  • Set employees Sales targets for the year so they can individually track their progress to target from their performance dashboard.
  • Manage employees e mail address and other details.
  • Set employees e mail signature.
  • Control Employees usernames and passwords.
  • Set employee pictures to show on the appointment reminders.


Manage Employees