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The most powerful quoting and business management software for the Window Covering Industry.
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Why Smartpad Pro?

Simplify sales processes and increase sales, better than any other software can.

In most industries, technology is making business better, but in window furnishing we haven't had the same success.

Existing industry software is out-dated, cumbersome to use, and simply doesn’t have the capabilities to help window furnishing businesses be efficient, productive, and highly successful in closing sales.

We built Smartpad Pro specifically to solve this problem, and we’re proud to say we out-perform other window furnishing sales software in Every. Single. Way.

Smartpad Pro
Smartpad Pro comparison table
Smartpad Pro compared to the competition

Built from real industry knowledge

When Smartpad’s founders were running a major curtains and blinds company, they knew there had to be a more efficient way to manage processes and stay on top of performance in the window furnishing industry.

Dissatisfied with existing software, they created a platform to help their own sales team, developing it over several years to better suit the way they worked.

Since the first publicly available version of the software launched in 2017, Aaron and Renee worked closely with a small number of key clients to refine it into a system that is truly user-friendly for window furnishing businesses, that actually solves their problems.

By 2019, Smartpad Pro was ready for large-scale commercial use and joined the Window Covering Association of America and the Blind Manufacturers Association of Australia. In May, Smartpad Pro was unveiled publicly during the IWCE Expo in Brisbane, Australia.

Since then, our team of developers have spent over 10,000 hours working to customise and refine Smartpad Pro as the World's most powerful quoting and business management software for the Window Covering Industry.

Aaron and Renee LeCornu at the IWCE Expo 2019


Intuitive, customisable & scalable

Built around you - We don't just don't put all your manual processes online, it’s to work out a smarter and more effective way to run your business. While this includes the features and functions we know you will need, we also make it easy by:

  • Creating an interface that’s intuitive for anyone to use
  • Giving you flexibility and customisations where we know you will need them
  • Providing free training and comprehensive ongoing support to make sure you never get stuck
Do everything from the one platform


Everything you need in one place

Forget using a multitude of different apps for appointments, quoting, follow-ups, accounting and payments. Everything is done (and just as importantly, tracked) in the one place, in an easy-to-follow order.

  • Keeps tabs on the progress of every quote and order
  • The Measure and Install tool & Manufacturer’s Portal sync directly with the system
  • Integrations from payment gateways to Google Calendar ensure that tasks using external tools can be easily done through our system
Stay on top of business from anywhere


Access your business - anywhere

Smartpad Pro's cloud-based system works on any device, so you can manage your business from literally anywhere.

For small, independent business owners to large national retailers, being able to process and manage your workflow from any device while online increase efficiencies dramatically.

For larger businesses, we give you the peace of mind to easily manage teams and keep people accountable, even when you’re not there.


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